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Welcome to AEDemocracy

Actively Engaged Democracy (AEDemocracy) is a comprehensive online network designed to give voters the power to build a better future for all Americans. This efficient integrated platform will promote and encourage citizens to get involved in their communities through open, honest discussions in an effort to build relationships offline.

Over the last 70 years, there’s been many changes in American society, some for the better while some for the worse. AEDemocracy is a platform dedicated to enhancing the positive advancements in the country while reversing the negative trends. These trends can be categorized into four areas:

Four Pillars of AEDemocracy

  • Erosion of the Sense of Community
  • Loss of Local News Media
  • Declining Civic Education
  • Threats to Democracy

What Can I Do on AEDemocracy?

There are currently three main areas of AEDemocracy, the Community Center, Get Active! and Issue Advocacy.  

  • Community Center
    The Community Center (CC) is the main gathering area of the site. In the CC, visitors can navigate to any federal Congressional District, state, county, state legislative district, and in some areas (such as Pennsylvania) to the municipal and precinct levels. At each level’s CC, visitors will find a meeting place for EVERYONE in a community to come together to find common ground.

  • Get Active!
    The Get Active! section of AEDemocracy is essentially a calendar feature but focused on helping encourage members of the community to organize online so they can get offline to connect in person with other members of the community. You can filter the events by location, type, date, and more.

  • Issue Advocacy
    Americans care about a wide variety of issues, whether they are political in nature or not.  The Issue Advocacy section is designed to help people find others in their area with the same interests and as well as activities centered on those issues.

Get Involved

AEDemocracy is merely a platform for community members to effectively organize online in an effort to get offline to actually build their communities. In other words, it can become whatever you make it by virtue of how much you utilize it. If you are interested in becoming involved, there will be links on pages and groups where you can request to become a member, moderator, or admin of various areas of the platform.

Learn more about AEDemocracy’s Mission, Four Pillars, and site features here.